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The Brochure Site

To Address Some Weirdness

For buyer convenience, prints of Lemur. Cool. (as well as sundry items such as greeting cards, postcards, notebooks, and journals) are available from three sources: Threadless, Society6, and Redbubble.

I say that having three shops is for buyer convenience because I’m guessing some people might already have accounts on one or the other (or the other). That said, it might be worth browsing each for a particular type of product, as they each have different approaches.

As an example, here’s a look at each site’s smallest-available framed art print: Threadless’ 12”x14” ($56.00), Society6’s 10”x12” ($47.99), and Redbubble’s 8”x10.7” ($80.81).

Even setting aside that sizing doesn’t match up across the three sites, I’ve also not done much tinkering with the markup to equalize the pricing: I simply marked everything up 20% on each site, which might or might not make any sense.

It’s possible that I will make pricing adjustments somewhere along the line, but it’s precisely the sort and type of decision-making that’s a cognitive stumble for me, so then again, maybe not.