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About The Photo

Lemur. Cool. Cropped.
Lemur. Cool. Cropped.

A Little Background

Taken back in the spring of 2019, Lemur. Cool.—a photo of one of Oregon Zoo’s three ring-tailed lemurs—isn’t perfect.

For one thing: it’s taken through glass, so there’s some reflected light. For another: in the rush to get the shot at all before the lemur moved, I managed to expose for the bright, sunny background, leaving the lemur underexposed in the shade.

I’m not one for retouching photographs. I have made a single exception worth noting here: a reflection of my camera’s model number has been carefully “removed”. Otherwise, simple adjustments such as lightening the exposure (and slightly darkening black areas to offset that a bit) and cropping to better frame the subject are the only edits.

Nonetheless, it’s the one photograph I’ve shot in a decade and a half of an on-and-off, intermittent photography hobby that seemed practically to be begging for making prints available. It’s almost a dare.

Starting in the early fall of 2020, it’s available now on Threadless, Society6, and Redbubble. (Buying a print would be a good way to mark my birthday at the end of October.)

For the record, if you were wondering: I do not know whether Lemur. Cool. is Aislinn, Gizmo, or Holy.

Oregon Zoo's Ring-Tailed Lemurs
Oregon Zoo's Ring-Tailed Lemurs